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The State of Gambling in the Golden State

At press (2024) California has not joined the growing map of U.S. states with legal sports betting. It doesn’t sound like it will any time soon:

“The earliest California sports betting could be legalized is 2026. However, several hurdles must be overcome for that to occur, with divided parties needing to get on the same page […] A veteran of the California gaming industry, told LSR that he believes it will not happen until later than 2028.”

Legal Sports Report | Jan 31 2024

Despite the legalization of sports betting hitting a perpetual roadblock, the Golden State has not escaped the clutches of gambling. Not by long shot. The following forms of gambling are permitted in California:

  • Licensed cardrooms (i.e. poker)
  • State sanctioned charitable gaming (i.e. bingo, poker nights, etc.)
  • Parimutuel wagering on horse racing at racetracks, satellite wagering facilities, and online via advance-deposit wagering platforms
  • Lottery (i.e. Powerball, etc.)
  • Indian casinos

In addition, California residents are able to participate in gambling tourism, meaning that they are fully permitted to bet on sports in regulated states. A resident can easily drive, bike, run, or even walk (depending upon where one lives) to any one of its neighboring states (Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon) to a sportsbook of their choosing. Factor in the fact that a number of unregulated sportsbooks accept players from California and it’s clear that access to all forms of gambling, is no roadblock at all

Gambling Addiction in California

Research from the California Council on Problem Gambling indicates that approximately 83% of adults (21 and over) in the state have gambled. Further, the Council states that roughly 3.7% of these adults are problem or pathological gamblers, inferring that about 1.2 million Californians may have a problematic relationship with gambling. That number is simply too large for existing behavioral health disorder treatment centers to manage. This is where Kindbridge Behavioral Health comes in.

Specialized Gambling Addiction Treatment in California

Kindbridge is proud to offer individualshouseholds, and organizations in California access to powerful virtual and telehealth based gambling addiction treatment. Our team also has expertise in counseling for problem gaming in addition to therapy for anxietystress, and depression. Furthermore, we have specialists in place to assist particularly vulnerable populations such as military veterans/servicepersons and athletes. Explore your options via the links provided below.

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Alongside these specialty services, we deal with a wide array of deeper mental health conditions including OCD, Manic Depression, Schzophrenia, and more, that are co-occuring conditions.

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