Mental Health Assessments

A mental health assessment is the right first step towards recovery therapy.

Whether you seek therapy as an individual, family or couple, Mental Health Assessments provide unique information that help you and your therapist create a plan together.

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What is a mental health assessment?

A mental health assessment is made up of a series of questions that are designed to give a licenced therapist or doctor a clear picture of how you are feeling psychologically, socially and emotionally. In addition, a mental health assessment also examines cognitive performance; it measures how well you are able to think, reason, or remember details.

In one-on-one interviews, a health care provider will be considering other signs of health and wellness such as how well you look physically (your appearance), how you express yourself verbally and nonverbally (mood and behaviour), and how you reason and make decisions. Questions may also explore the health of your personal relationships, including how you interact and get along with family, friends, colleagues and other people.

What is the purpose of a Mental Health Assessment?

A mental health assessment helps to reveal the mental and physical health problems of an individual at various stages in life, from childhood through late adulthood. They can uncover issues such as:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Anger

  • Trauma

  • Problem Gaming

  • Problem Gambling

  • Problem Trading

  • Problem Sexual Behaviors

  • Problem Pornography

With this in mind, a mental health assessment helps health care professionals efficiently identify, diagnose and treat a range of conditions.

For individuals, we like to think of this as the first step in the process of achieving optimal health. For organizations, it’s a terrific measure for understanding the performance and overall wellbeing of a workforce.

Whole Person Care Approach

Kindbridge provides individuals, couples and families access to specialized counseling for range of mental and behavioral health issues. Our aim is to create an environment where personal challenges are addressed through evidence-based treatment and recovery coaching.

Mental Health Assessment Pricing

For Individuals
$195 /each

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$285 /each

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$385 /each

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Direct Billing to Insurance Providers

You insurance plan may cover mental health assessments as well as counseling appointments. Kindbridge provides direct billing to a number of leading extended health insurance providers including the companies listed below.

Our list of accepted insurance providers is growing every week and our state by state coverage is expanding. Ask our appointment scheduler about coverage during your initial consultation.

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