An advanced learning and knowledge hub for behavioral addictions

Multi-year Research on Gaming and Gambling Behavioral Addictions

In 2019, Kindbridge Research Institute, a nonprofit organization that is focused on creating new and evidence-based treatment programs for individuals living with gaming, gambling and other serious behavioral addictions. And we’ve brought the top minds in academia from across the United States to help.

Kindbridge Research Institute is registered 501(c)3 in the State of Delaware (EIN: 85-3860147).

Our Goals

  1. To advance the adoption of evidence-based telehealth solutions for gambling and gaming communities.

  2. To develop evidence-based practice models for gaming and gambling disorders.

  3. To measure how telehealth, better access to assistance, and better access to the right tools can impact high-quality mental health outcomes for those in treatment.

Our Interests

  1. We are interested in designing a highly specialized model for treatment through telehealth and, in particular, how this model can effectively serve vulnerable groups such as:

    1. Veterans

    2. Native Americans

    3. African Americans

    4. Asian Americans

  2. We are learning how to engage more effectively with BIPOC communities. Our hope is to gain a better understanding of cultural sensitivities and how to create a safe, nonjudgemental environment for those seeking assistance for gambling and gaming-related harms.

  3. Understanding the impact of sports betting on the well-being and mental health of athletes.

We’re making a difference in the health of Veterans

The Kindbridge Research Institute gets mental health services to over 200 veterans annually.

We also have a scholarship that trains veterans to become leaders in the field of veteran mental health.

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