Mental Health Services for Athletes

Groundbreaking Platform for Athletes to Get the Help They Need

Mental Health Services for Athletes in the USA

Competitive sportspersons are heralded for their physical prowess and mental focus on the court, track, and field. When they experience a physical injury, it is immediately diagnosed by a physician. From there, effective treatment and rehabilitation through a physiotherapist and/or
other specialist is prescribed to bring them back to form. This same protocol does not traditionally exist when it comes to their mental health.

Kindbridge is here to change that.

Recognizing that athletes are more prone to specific mental health risks when compared to the general population, we have formulated a platform to address these disorders head-on. We work with amateur, collegiate, and professional athletes (and their respective organizations) from around the United States to ensure they have access to the help they need. Furthermore, we provide mental health services for athletes in a safe, secure, and confidential virtual environment.

The KindBridge online mental health platform includes (but is not exclusive to) treatment and therapy for the following disorders:

  • Athlete Gambling Disorder
  • Athlete Gaming Disorder
  • Athlete Anxiety
  • Athlete Stress
  • Athlete Depression
  • Impact of Disorders on Families

Kindbridge has partnerships in place with a growing number of leagues / organizations:

Kindbridge offers online behavioral health services in the USA for athletes are all levels:

Professional Athletes

Student Athletes

Amateur Athletes

Helplines for Athletes, Leagues, and Organizations