Colorado Athlete Well-being Program

Since online Sports Betting became legalized in 2019, there has been a consistent yearly rise in harassment cases of college-level athletes. The harassment that athletes face is multifaceted; it can include performance shaming, homophobia, xenophobia, racism, disgruntled bettors attacking athletes due to missed bets, and attempts to influence the outcome of a match. In coordination with Sportradar and the State of Colorado, Kindbridge Research Institute has developed an Athlete Wellbeing Program uniquely designed for collegiate athletes (all DI, DII, DIII, and NCAA schools in Colorado).

KRI Athlete

Program Objective

  1. Athlete Protection: First and foremost, this premiere reporting system will make it easier for authorities and stakeholders to investigate and take action on individuals who harass athletes.

  2. Data Collection: Through the reporting system, our goal is to demonstrate the impact of sports betting on common mental health conditions amongst athletes, such as depression, anxiety, pressure to perform, and social isolation.

  3. Gambling Disorder Awareness and Prevention: Athletes are not immune to becoming addicted to gambling. This program will serve as an educational resource, awareness builder and tool for gambling disorder care and prevention.

  4. Access to Free Care: Athletes will get convenient access to mental health assessment tools, educational resources, or licenced counsellors through our Telehealth App.

Are you a collegiate athlete in Colorado?

If you are experiencing harassment, or are looking for help for a gambling problem, we encourage you to register now.

The program is awesome, and it’s free.

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