Our Partners

At Kindbridge Behavioral Health, we are immensely grateful to our valued partners for their steadfast commitment and support. Your dedication plays a crucial role in enabling us to provide comprehensive and compassionate mental health services. Together, we are making a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.

Your collaboration and belief in our mission empower us to reach new heights in mental health care. We appreciate your ongoing efforts in working alongside us to create a healthier, more resilient community. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey towards advancing mental well-being for all.

Our Partners


This collaboration focuses on providing NASCAR’s diverse workforce, including employees, team members, and drivers, with specialized clinical expertise and support services, particularly addressing mental health issues associated with gambling. As a central component of this alliance, Kindbridge acts as a preferred provider for NASCAR’s “Road to Recovery” program. This initiative is meticulously designed to offer a supportive and effective pathway for individuals within the NASCAR community who are facing challenges related to gambling, helping them to regain their footing both personally and professionally. The program emphasizes comprehensive care and recovery, ensuring that participants have the necessary resources and support to navigate their journey back to wellness and, metaphorically, back onto the track of life and career. This partnership highlights both organizations’ commitment to mental health and the well-being of their community, showcasing a proactive approach in addressing the often-overlooked issue of gambling-related mental health challenges.


Kindbridge Behavioral Health and Sportradar have joined forces in a groundbreaking collaboration, focusing on the creation of content and support mechanisms for the Athlete Well-being Program. This program, delivered through the Kindbridge Research Institute, is a pioneering initiative aimed at safeguarding athletes across the country from the potential harms and harassment associated with gambling.

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared commitment to athlete health and safety. Kindbridge has played a pivotal role in developing the educational content that forms the backbone of this program. This content is meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges athletes face in the context of gambling, providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate this complex landscape safely.

Moreover, Kindbridge’s expertise in mental health and gambling-related issues has been instrumental in shaping the Athlete Well-being Program. The program is deployed through a dedicated app, offering athletes a discreet and accessible platform for education and support. This app serves as a direct pathway to care, enabling athletes to easily access professional help and resources tailored to their specific needs.

The collaboration between Kindbridge and Sportradar significantly enhances the effectiveness of the Athlete Well-being Program. By leveraging Kindbridge’s clinical acumen and Sportradar’s technological prowess, this partnership ensures that athletes have the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art resources at their disposal. This proactive approach not only educates athletes about the risks associated with gambling it also equips them with strategies to protect their mental health and well-being and gives them a reporting mechanism that helps trigger an investigation into harassment the athletes receive from individuals relating to gambling behavior thus fostering a safer and more supportive environment in the world of sports.


Kindbridge Behavioral Health and Kinectify have teamed up to revolutionize support for gamblers by integrating clinical services and mental health content into Kinectify’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Responsible Gambling (RG) platforms. This collaboration allows casino operators to deploy access to expert mental health resources for players they see in distress with just a touch of a button, directly through Kinectify’s platforms.

Kindbridge contributes its clinical expertise and curated mental health materials, offering a range of educational and therapeutic resources tailored to the challenges of gambling. Meanwhile, Kinectify’s advanced technology platforms ensure these vital resources are readily accessible to users, seamlessly blending mental health support into the gambling experience.

This partnership signifies a significant step towards promoting responsible gambling and mental well-being, making support services more accessible and integrated into the gambling environment.

US Integrity

The partnership between Kindbridge Behavioral Health (KBH) and US Integrity forms a crucial alliance in the realm of sports betting integrity and mental health support, particularly within the university sector across the United States. Central to this collaboration is, Prohibet, a sportsbetting rule enforcement platform that monitors suspicious betting activity amongst collegiate and professional athletes. The Prohibet program now offers a direct pathway to care by utilizing the extensive mental health network provided by KBH.

Prohibet is designed to address the burgeoning concerns around sports betting within university environments. As sports betting becomes more prevalent, the need for robust integrity measures and support services for those involved in university sports has never been greater. This program seeks to fulfill that need by offering comprehensive solutions that encompass both preventive and responsive strategies.

KBH plays a vital role in this partnership by providing its specialized mental health expertise and network. The organization brings to the table a wealth of experience in dealing with gambling-related issues, offering counseling and support services that are tailored to the unique challenges faced by individuals in the university sports community. This includes athletes, coaches, and staff who might be impacted by the pressures and temptations of sports betting.


The collaboration between Kindbridge Behavioral Health and DraftKings is a significant step towards promoting responsible gambling and addressing mental health issues related to gambling. This partnership specifically targets self-excluded players, providing them with access to expert mental health clinicians from Kindbridge.

The KBH clinicians specialize in understanding the mental health challenges associated with gambling. They offer personalized care and guidance to help self-excluded players better understand their mental state and navigate their way towards recovery. The focus is on identifying underlying issues, providing professional support, and directing individuals to resources that are knowledgeable about the mental health problems related to gambling.

This initiative by Kindbridge and DraftKings underscores the commitment of both organizations to the well-being of their users. By prioritizing mental health support for self-excluded players, they are taking a proactive stance in addressing the complex relationship between gambling and mental health, ensuring that those who need help have direct access to professional and empathetic care.


The collaboration between Kindbridge Behavioral Health and BetMGM represents a strategic and proactive approach to supporting responsible gambling. Central to this partnership is the focus on providing comprehensive support to self-excluded players and those who initiate a time-out from play.

Kindbridge plays a crucial role in this collaboration by offering access to educational support groups and expert mental health clinicians. These resources are specifically designed to assist individuals in understanding and managing their mental health, particularly in relation to gambling. The support groups provide a safe space for shared experiences and learning, while the clinicians offer professional guidance and personalized care.

For players who choose to self-exclude or take a break from gambling, this collaboration ensures they have immediate access to these vital resources. The aim is to help individuals gain insights into their gambling behaviors and underlying mental health issues, facilitating a better understanding of their current state, and guiding them towards appropriate resources and treatment.

This partnership between Kindbridge Behavioral Health and BetMGM highlights the importance of addressing the mental health aspects of gambling. It provides a pathway for players to receive the help they need, emphasizing the commitment of both organizations to responsible gambling and the well-being of their users.


The collaboration between Kindbridge Behavioral Health (KBH) and Entain is focused on improving mental health support for individuals dealing with gambling disorders. KBH is committed to creating educational content specifically for gamblers seeking mental health assistance and is equally dedicated to training its clinical staff thoroughly on gambling disorder. This initiative is key in enhancing the understanding and cultural competency of gambling disorder among KBH’s clinical team.

Entain plays a vital role in this effort by providing financial support, which is fundamental for the development and distribution of both educational and training materials. This support allows KBH to produce high-quality, informative resources tailored to assist individuals struggling with gambling and gaming issues. These resources are crafted to be both insightful and accessible, offering crucial guidance and awareness.

Additionally, Entain’s financial support is critical for the specialized training of KBH’s clinicians. This training aims to deepen their knowledge of gambling disorders, thereby improving their ability to offer culturally competent and effective treatment. With this advanced training, KBH’s clinical staff are better prepared to provide empathetic and informed care to those facing these complex challenges.


The partnership between the NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation (PAF) and Kindbridge is centered around a new program called “PAUSE by PAF”. This initiative reflects a commitment to supporting the well-being and mental health of former professional athletes.

Program Overview: “PAUSE by PAF”

  • Acronym Meaning: PAUSE stands for Players Acknowledge, Uplift, Support, & Empower.
  • Nature of the Program: It is a 100% virtual support group exclusively designed for player-to-player interaction.
  • Target Audience: The program is specifically tailored for any player seeking a confidential, secure, and safe space. It focuses on players who wish to discuss their challenges, listen to peers facing similar situations, and build a supportive community.
  • Goal and Approach: PAUSE by PAF aims to foster a sense of belonging and mutual support among former players, acknowledging that they are not alone in their experiences and challenges.
  • Process of Joining: Interested players are required to complete a registration form, after which they will be contacted for further steps.
  • Encouragement to Participate: The program is open not only to players considering participation for themselves but also to those who might want to share this opportunity with other former players who could benefit from it.

The collaboration with Kindbridge, an organization known for its expertise in mental health and support services, ensures that PAUSE by PAF is well-equipped to offer meaningful and professional assistance. This program highlights the proactive steps being taken to address mental health and community building among former professional athletes, recognizing the unique challenges they face post their sports careers.