Kindbridge is a telehealth company comprised of the top minds in clinical counseling within the United States and beyond. We bring together mental health services, clinical research, and technology to deliver comprehensive care for behavioral addictions.

Kindbridge therapy

We’re bridging the gap

In today’s technological age, there has never been a time in history when mental health services been needed more. Yet there is limited support, or no access at all to expert care outside large urban settings. Through our telehealth platform, individuals can access a licenced therapist from virtually anywhere in the country, or the world.

Addressing Gaming, Gambling and other harmful Behavioral Addictions

While we provide care for a myriad of mental health needs, our leaders recognize that gambling and gaming disorders have become a matter of urgency. That’s why we’ve created the Kindbridge Research Institute, and a world-leading telehealth platform for the most accurate information, treatment systems and care in this specific area.

Our goal is to deliver immersive care and education

Kindbridge routinely serves individuals and organizations who participate in the following industries:

1. Sports Entertainment
(Pro and Amateur Athletes)

2. Digital Gaming Industry

3. Sports Betting And Gambling Industry

4. Government and Public Sector Organizations

Yet in the end we never lose sight of the fact that we are providing individualized care for people who have unique origin stories, and diverse challenges; men, women and families.

Our goal is to deliver immersive care and education amongst corporate executives, athletes, academia, policy makers, and our peers in clinical counseling.

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Our Team

We have assembled an incredible leadership team and advisory board that include thought leaders from academia, large enterprise, and cultural communities.

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We’re making a difference in the health of Veterans

The Kindbridge Research Institute gets mental health services to over 200 veterans annually.

We also have a scholarship that trains veterans to become leaders in the field of veteran mental health.

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