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Indentify problem gamblers early before things get out of hand.

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Gaming addiction

In today’s digital era, keeping track of how gaming and sports betting enthusiasts behave on a regular basis has been near impossible task - until now. Using an advanced AI solution, digital casinos and sports betting organizations can now track, score and flag gamblers who are exhibiting signs of risky behavior. Once gamblers are flagged for risky behavior, Kindbridge mental health services are deployed to the player to intervene before things go too far. This unique solution gives operators a tangible and measurable way to protect players from serious gambling harm.

How it works

  1. 1) Early Dectection

    Integrating proprietary technology by Kinectify and Mindway AI, a gaming organization can understand and monitor the risk profile of individual players in their customer database using a specialzed scoring system. The scoring system looks at key player behavior metrics:

    • Game Types

    • Time Consumption

    • Number of Days Played

    • Nightly Play

    • Money Spent

    • Payment Methods

    • Cancelled Withdrawals

    • Impulsive Transaction Behavior

    • Increasing Tolerance

    • Repeated Loss of Winnings

    • Bing Gambling

    • Loss Chasing

    • Fluctuating Wagers

  2. 2) Operator Alerts

    Operators get instant notifications when players exhibit risky behavior and recieve an easy-to-understand explanation why players are flagged as at-risk.

  3. 3) Segmentation and Intervention

    Using this early detection system, operators have the option of segmenting their player database by risk profile, and instantaneously deploying Kindbridge mental health services as an intervention.

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Why choose Kindbridge

Kindbridge Behavioral Health is a center for excellence in gambling disorder treatment and support. Through our telehealth platform, we provide mental health services that are uniquely suited for players and their family members, including:

  • One-to-One Counseling

  • Couples Counseling

  • Family Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Peer Support Groups

  • Recovery Coaching

We support players and their families with an incredible network of licenced multi-lingual therapists and recovery coaches that spans over 40 states. Through our research institute, we are multi-year research projects that will help us develop new evidence-based treatment programs for players who are living with gaming and gambling disorder, and other serious behavioral addictions.

Add Mental Health to your Employee Assistance Program

We hear to help operators improve the health and wellness of their staff, protect their players, and meet their responsible gambling requirements. Let’s talk.

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