Online Support Groups for Problem Gambling

Find support and tools to you need from licensed therapists who understand gambling disorder.  

Dealing with Problem Gambling, trauma and finding a path towards recovery can feel isolating. That’s why we created Kindbrige Circles, online groups where people of all backgrounds can get help from a licenced therapist and feel safe to express themselves amongst others with similar challenges. 

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gambling support groups for addiction

Problem Gambling Support Group Overview

This unique group is designed to support individuals of all backgrounds and ages resolve a range of personal and mental health challenges as it relates to Problem Gambling. Sessions take place online and provide a welcoming environment that encourages engagement, open dialogue, and interactivity.

Furthermore, each session provides educational and practical resources that help participants improve their closest relationships and take proactive steps toward financial recovery.

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Part 1: Honesty, Open-mindedness and Willingness

When people begin to develop problems associated with negative addictive behaviors or are in addiction, they often lie to hide the extent of the problem. Along with dishonesty they are often closed minded to suggestions or unwilling to engage in solutions that can alleviate the problems. This 1-hour group will explore these topics to help reduce barriers to recovery.

Part2: Financial Recovery

Participants will understand how a healthy relationship with money can help them thrive. Using lectures, handouts and group interaction participants will examine their core beliefs and values related to money, how to track expenses, assess problematic spending, create a realistic budget and payback plan, improve interpersonal relationships, and explore triggers that can foil financial success.

Schedule: Bi-Weekly

Online Support Group Instructors

James Bush
Marc Lefkowitz
Terry Garcia

1 (877) 426 4258

[email protected]

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