Online Support Groups for Gambling Addiction

Kindbridge gambling “Groups” are facilitated by licensed therapists and certified problem gambling counselors. These specialized courses create a welcoming and safe environment where gambling addicts come together and discover they’re not alone.

Group Objective

Our gambling groups cover a variety of topics that will help participants learn about problem gambling, identify areas of concern, and develop skills and strategies beneficial for the road to recovery.

Gambling Addiction Therapy - Online Support Groups for Gambling Addiction

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Problem Gambling

Participants will learn about similarities and differences between a gambling disorder and other addictive disorders. The historical perspective of problem gambling, the types of gamblers and the gambling progression will be explored as well. The group will also explore the effect the problem gambler has on the family and risk factors. Participants will be able to identify if there is a problem with gambling in the family and understand treatment and support options available.

H.O.W. (Honesty, Open-mindedness and Willingness)

When people begin to develop problems associated with negative addictive behaviors or are in addiction, they often lie to hide the extent of the problem. Along with dishonesty they are often closed minded to suggestions or unwilling to engage in solutions that can alleviate the problems. This 1-hour group will explore these topics to help reduce barriers to recovery.

Online Support Groups for Gambling Addiction
Online Support Groups for Gambling Addiction

Financial Recovery

Participants will understand how a healthy relationship with money can help them thrive. Using lectures, handouts and group interaction participants will examine their core beliefs and values related to money, how to track expenses, assess problematic spending, create a realistic budget and payback plan, improve interpersonal relationships, and explore triggers that can foil financial success.


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James Bush

Program Director for Youth Overcoming Drug Abuse. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Tennessee. He also works as a clinical consultant to Metropolitan Nashville Davidson County Family Treatment Court. Utilizing tools of empathic listening, adaptive processing, and empowering education to bridge and enhance the local – and global – community one person at a time.


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Marc Lefkowitz

Marc Lefkowitz ICGC-II has been a certified gambling counselor for over 20 years. Marc is a national speaker facilitating problem gambling trainings and workshops on topics including financial recovery, treatment, Gamblers Anonymous, technology and responsible gaming. In 2012, Marc received California’s Lifetime Achievement Award for working with problem gamblers and their families. He is a recovering gambler with over 38 years of recovery and recently earned the NCPG’s Jeff Beck Recovery Award. Marc is the Director of Programming for Kindbridge.


Terry Garcia

Terry Garcia

Ms. Garcia has had over 20 years’ experience in the mental health field. during that time, she has worked with a wide variety of clientele, including chronically mentally ill, adolescent, geriatric, and forensic populations. Having been in private practice since 2006, Ms. Garcia now focuses on providing individual therapy for adults who feel that they have come upon life stressors that they are having a hard time overcoming on their own. Ms. Garcia believes that everyone has strengths. Her practice is richly informed by Carl Rogers principles of genuineness and acceptance. She also relies heavily on Cognitive Behavioral techniques in teaching clients to examine and challenge their own thought process.

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