National Recovery Month 2023 Highlights Need for Problem Gambling Support

National Recovery Month has run every September since 1989. The annual event is spearheaded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and seeks to grow public awareness regarding mental health and addiction recovery. It intends to remove any remaining stigma about getting help for addiction and mental health disorders by celebrating the nearly 60 million Americans who identify as being in recovery. National Recovery Month also wants the country to recognize the family members, allies, and caregivers who work relentlessly to help make recovery possible.

To commemorate the 2023 event, Dr. Miriam E. Delphin-Rittmon, Ph.D., Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use issued a National Recovery Month video message. It’s within this message that Kindbridge Behavioral Health has been able to extrapolate key points that speak to the unique needs of those who suffer from gambling disorder. Below is a breakdown of Dr. Miriam E. Delphin-Rittmon’s message and how it relates to Kindbridge’s integral role in treatment and recovery. If you or a loved one suffers from any form of problematic gambling behavior, please read ahead.

How National Recovery Month 2023 Highlights the Importance of Problem Gambling Support in America

Dedicated Treatment and Recovery Services

“We know that recovery is unique to everyone. It is a journey that’s built on each individual’s values and life goals. And we honor the vital role that support from peers with lived experiences play in helping people find their own path towards recovery, achieve wellness, and thrive.

This particular quote from Dr. Miriam E. Delphin-Rittmon highlights two important points.

For one, gambling disorder is a unique behavioral health concern that requires dedicated counseling from therapists who specialize in its treatment. Kindbridge has handpicked experts in this field so that the 2% of the American population who struggle with gambling disorder have access to specialized support.

In addition, gambling disorder treatment and recovery initiatives are buttressed when patients can connect to peer support groups. Kindbridge offers struggling Americans with online access to group therapy for gambling disorder (individual or family based).

Equitable Access to Problem Gambling Support

“Day in and day out we’re working hard to increase opportunities for recovery for everyone, including underserved communities so that we can improve access to recovery support services that reflect each person’s values, traditions, and beliefs.

One unfortunate barrier to recovery is financial in nature. This is especially true for many of those who suffer from problematic gambling behavior, as sports betting and/or casino gaming generally take a significant toll on personal finances. Moreover, these concerns are often compounded by socioeconomic factors.

Kindbridge ensures that treatment and recovery are more accessible by providing highly effective virtual therapy. It is generally more affordable over “land-based” facilities that are common to substance abuse programs and the like. It’s also exceedingly more convenient, which has favorable cost implications as well (no commute, time off work, etc.). View more on how Kindbridge facilitates a more equitable cost of gambling rehab and recovery.

Support the Need for Education and Community

Supporting youth and young people in recovery and the crucial role that families and caregivers play in supporting individuals who are already in recovery or are seeking to start their recovery journey.

SAMHSA National Recovery Month 2023

In her 2023 message, Dr. Miriam E. Delphin-Rittmon also discussed the need for education and community. Kindbridge is a steadfast believer in this purpose. We’re working with partners in building this sense of community and providing early intervention education to America’s youth so that they (and generations to follow) are better prepared to manage their mental health, be it in regards to problem gambling/gaming (for which they are targets) or other mental and behavioral health concerns.

“This September hope is real, and recovery is real and possible for everyone”

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