Cost of Gambling Rehab

You suspect or have confirmed that you have a gambling problem, and want to take steps towards recovery. Understandably, you’re wondering about the cost of gambling rehab, especially if sports betting and/or casino wagers have already taken a significant toll on your personal finances.

The good news, is that help is more accessible than you may have imagined when you choose highly effective virtual therapy. It is generally more affordable over “brick and mortar” facilities that are common to substance abuse programs and the like. It’s also exceedingly more convenient, which has favorable cost implications as well (no commute, time off work, etc.). Below is a simple breakdown of everything you need to know about what you can expect to invest in your rehabilitation.

How to Get Affordable Access to Effective Treatment and Therapy for Gambling Disorder in Your State

Find Out if Gambling Therapy is Covered by Insurance

Many people don’t realize that a significant portion (60 to 80% in some cases) of the cost of gambling disorder treatment can be reimbursed under a variety of insurance plans. This is typically viable via its inclusion in mental health therapy services, which are often covered by insurers. A list of insurance providers that may cover gambling addiction through Kindbridge Behavioral Health can be found here.

Individual Cost of Gambling Rehab

Sessions: $165

Before you can begin your sessions, there is an initial assessment. This assessment will determine whether your gambling problem is mild, moderate, severe, or correlated to some other underlying behavioral health concern. The $195 assessment can actually help you save money, as misdiagnosis can cost a patient much more in the wrong form of therapy. For instance, you may find that your problem can effectively be addressed through early intervention methods. Once the assessment has been completed, your recovery can begin, at a very affordable investment of just $165 per session. Learn more about individual gambling therapy sessions.

Family Cost of Gambling Rehab

Sessions: $345

These personal accounts about gambling addiction make it clear that not just the individual, but entire families who feel the brunt of excessive gambling. Your family (immediate and extended) love you and want to see you get better. They are likely willing to undergo an assessment ($385) and attend ongoing therapy ($345/session) with you, and may be able to help cover the cost of gambling rehab. Learn more about therapy sessions for families who have been impacted by gambling disorder.

Even More Affordable Option | Group Therapy

Sessions: $50

There is one tremendous option for those who are unsure about the severity of their gambling problem, those who want to learn more, and/or those who may want to test the waters of therapy without committing to one-on-one counseling quite yet – group therapy. Kindbridge’s most accessible solution is a one-hour welcoming and safe group session where participants come together with a specialized counselor. At just $50 to participate, there is nothing to stop you from taking your first step to rehabilitation. Learn more about group services for gambling disorder.

There’s only one “sure thing” when it comes to gambling disorder. Investing in yourself by entering therapy today will pay for itself by alleviating the financial, professional, social, and familial burden it has had on your life.

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