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Problem gambling is often referred to as the “hidden addiction” because it doesn’t have visible symptoms like with drug or alcohol abuse. Given that the disorder is easy to hide and that many sufferers are not comfortable confiding in a friend or loved one, those who come to terms with needing help generally prefer a confidential route. For this reason thousands of Americans are online in search of anonymous gambling help each month.

While participation in support groups like Gamblers Anonymous have shown to assist clinical pathways and help recovering gamblers stay the course, on their own they’re not enough, especially when serious mental health issues (i.e. anxiety and depression) accompany a gambling disorder. The good news, is that you can access effective and discrete gambling counseling today through Kindbridge. You can either call the helpline right now at +1 (877) 426-4258 or read below for everything else you want to know.

What You Need to Know About Getting Confidential and Effective Treatment for Gambling Disorder in Your State

Confidential One-on-One Online Gambling Counseling

Kindbridge offers one-on-one online counseling from behavioral health therapists who are experts in treating gambling disorder and related conditions. The virtual nature of the platform ensures that your anonymity is protected. There is no physical clinic for your neighbors, friends, coworkers, or clients to see you walk in or out of. And unlike with support groups, you don’t have to share teleconference space with other faces or voices if you’re not comfortable doing so.

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Anonymous Group Therapy Too

While many begin their road to recovery with individual gambling counseling (above) some eventually become comfortable in an online group environment. These specialized courses create a welcoming and safe environment where participants come together and discover they’re not alone. Others may choose this path as it can be more cost efficient. Whatever the case may be, anonymity is protected in Kindbridge group therapy too. You can share as much about yourself as you desire, or not at all.

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Will Private Insurance Providers Share Information with Employers?

The cost of gambling rehab can be minimized by tapping into private health care benefits provided by your employer or company. However, you may be concerned about maintaining confidentiality when leveraging insurance and direct billing options. There’s no need to worry. There is no disclosure regarding specific treatment (for gambling disorder) from insurance companies to employers beyond that services were provided and the cost covered by the insurance. There would be no disclosure unless there is a release of information signed by YOU allowing the provider to discuss treatment. If you want more clarity on using insurance to pay for counseling you can call us at +1 (877) 426-4258.

Here if You Decide to Share with Loved Ones

As counseling progresses, you may desire to let loved ones in. It’s a part of the recovery journey for some. If it feels right for you, you will be pleased to know that you can remain on the Kindbridge platform as we also offer family gambling therapy. Your spouse, partner or other member of the family has been impacted by your behavioral health disorder and together you will benefit from inclusive sessions.  Like with one-on-one counseling and group courses, this option protects the anonymity of participants.

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