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Kindbridge began as an online behavioral health services resource for the Nashville Tennessee area. After seeing success in helping individuals, couples, families, and organizations in the state cope with, manage, and/or recover from addiction, anxiety, depression, and stress we decided to expand to reach a much wider audience. John Hopkins Medicine estimates that 26% of American adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. Above and beyond this there are many individuals who live with a mental health concern that goes undiagnosed. That population number is in the millions. Our team of online behavioral health therapists is growing to accommodate the demand. We accept patients from all over the United States, and we currently have dedicated therapists ready and waiting to serve based in the following states:

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Alongside these specialty services, we deal with a wide array of deeper mental health conditions including OCD, Manic Depression, Schzophrenia, and more, that are co-occuring conditions.

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