Specialized Gaming Addiction Treatment

Your needs and experiences are unique to you, so our clinical care is designed for your situation. All of our counselors have specialist qualifications in gaming disorder and are ready to speak to you today

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Our certifications

We work with a specialist training body to ensure that all of our counselors have or are working towards the International Gaming Disorder Certificate. This equips our clinicians with the knowledge and expertise to address the specific issues faced by gamers and their families.

Our therapy

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Our Team

All of our clinicians are fully certified to treat gaming disorder. We have a team of advisors, experts in gaming disorder, who guide our treatment principles. We are the first online counseling organization dedicated solely to treating gaming and gambling disorders. Our team is dedicated to your recovery.

Your recovery

We will work with you to develop and achieve your recovery goals. We support you to build healthier habits and to repair damaged relationships. You will learn tools to reduce anxiety, depression or substance use that often occur alongside gaming problems, and we will support you to make the positive changes you seek.