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Navigating the Currents: Strategies for Overcoming Pornography Addiction

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Kindbridge is proud to present a transformative 3-session seminar designed for adults grappling with pornography addiction.

Our program offers a compassionate and evidence-based approach to understanding and overcoming the challenges posed by pornography use.

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Strategies for Overcoming Pornography Addiction seminar

Seminar Overview: Strategies for Overcoming Pornography Addiction

Through expert-led discussions, interactive exercises, and the support of a community striving towards similar goals, participants will embark on a journey towards reclaiming control, enhancing personal relationships, and fostering a healthier lifestyle.

Session 1: Understanding Pornography Addiction –Identifying personal use patterns and recognizing the impact on the brain and behavior.

Session 2: The Ripple Effect –
Exploring the broader impacts on personal well-being and relationships and introducing tools for change.

Session 3: Empowerment and Action Plan –Creating personalized strategies for sustainable change and outlining a roadmap for ongoing support.

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Seminar Details

Dates: Jan 4th, Jan 11th, Jan 18th
Time: 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
Format: Online (meeting link provided upon registration)

Cost: $349

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