Problem Gambling News March 2024

Another month is in the books as we enter March of 2024. In addition to being Problem Gambling Awareness Month (more on this below) the period is already exhibiting both challenges and opportunities for a country that continues in its struggle with casino gaming and sports betting. Let’s review.

March 2024 Developments Regarding Problem Gambling that America Needs to Know About

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

“March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM) in the USA. The day of recognition was started by the National Council on Problem Gambling in 2003. It asks individuals to acknowledge when the activity becomes disruptive and/or damaging to themselves, those they care about, or are responsible for. From there the campaign seeks to increase public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of prevention, treatment and recovery services.”

Kindbridge Behavioral Health

March Madness is Coming

Problem Gambling Awareness Month couldn’t coexist with a more appropriate month long event – NCAA March Madness. Last year, an estimated 68 million Americans wagered on the college basketball tournament, spending around $15.5 billion in the process. That number is expected to be significantly higher for 2024, as the map of U.S. states with legal sports betting has grown. Not only have more states adopted sports betting, those that already offered legal on-premises sports betting are now permitting online gaming. For example, the North Carolina State Lottery Commission voted unanimously to launch legalized online sports gambling beginning March 11 – the night before the ACC men’s basketball tournament. Previous records for problem gambling helpline calls are about to come tumbling down with record-breaking numbers of wagers made by vulnerable citizens.

MGM Resorts & Bet MGM Strengthen Support for Vulnerable Players

Another timely (with March Madness) event in the world of problem gambling news has arrived at the onset of the month. MGM Resorts & Bet MGM have committed to working further with Kindbridge Behavioral Health to strengthen support for vulnerable players. You can view the details of the March 1 press release right here. This is coming off last year’s news that both BetMGM and DraftKings joined forces with Kindbridge Behavioral Health to create programs for players who may face problem gaming-related challenges, provisioning direct access to counseling and therapy resources. 

Could America be witnessing a shift in how operators view and respond to the country’s problem gambling crisis? In the wake of both Saturday Night Live and 60 Minutes putting the industry on blast last month, we don’t see them having much choice at this point. However, with 89% of Super Bowl LVIII wagers being made via illegal online sportsbooks, significantly more needs to be done. Kindbridge Behavioral Health will be working diligently with the gaming and collegiate/professional sports industry through Problem Gambling Awareness month and beyond to increase this much needed support.

Stay tuned for more.

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