Lost Everything Gambling, What Now?

While waiting to hit rock bottom before seeking help for problem gambling is not advised, we have a feeling that you’re already there. You just entered “lost everything gambling” into your search browser. The good news, is that in doing so you’ve reached out for guidance, and arrived right here. As America’s preeminent online resource for problem gambling support we can help you get back what you’ve lost. Please keep reading.

5 Ways to Get Back What You’ve Lost Due to a Gambling Problem

I. How to Get Self Control Back

You lost self-control along the way. Whether you have a predisposed vulnerability to gambling disorder or it seems to have just happened, you are where you are. Given that prior attempts at self-exclusion have proven unsuccessful, the only way forward is to get help. There are behavioral health counselors available, right now, with direct expertise in helping those who suffer from problem gambling. Remember, before you can get back everything else that you have lost, you must get back to you. You must learn to love yourself once again, and not focus on the self-loathing most feel after they have lost everything. Watch this video to learn more, or meet with your online therapist right away to begin healing in a confidential and welcoming environment.

II. How to Get Your Financial Stability Back

If you’ve self professed to losing everything from gambling, you’re probably in debt. You’re not alone. For instance, data shows that 20% of sports bettors are in or have been in debt because of the activity, while an equal 20% of compulsive gamblers file for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the average gambling addict debt is between $55,000 and $90,000 for men and $15,000 for women in America. Get your financial stability back on track by accessing the helpful guide below.

III. How to Get Your Career Back

You may have lost your job or you’re notable lack of productivity (a symptom of gambling disorder) has put you in a precarious position. Given that you feel as if you’ve lost everything, you’ve got little to lose in admitting your gambling problem to your former or current employer IF it can help you get your career back on track.

Yes, there was a time when there was a major stigma surrounding mental health concerns in a corporate environment, especially for something such as gambling where blame was placed on the person struggling with the problem. Thankfully, the stigma has changed. There is now significant backlash against companies who don’t make employee behavioral health a top priority. Those who continue to ignore it are losing valuable human resources. As a result, behavioral health support has become an integral part of employee retention. If not comfortable speaking to your boss may want to go through a union rep (where applicable) or head of HR. View more on admitting to a gambling problem to your boss, among others.

While the above may be the path you choose to take, you may look at “losing everything” as an opportunity to start something amazing when it comes to your professional life. One of the top (and healthy) alternative activities to gambling (more on this below) is the act of entrepreneurship. This could be the time to start a business venture doing something that you’re passionate about.

IV. How to Get Your Physical Health Back

We addressed mental and behavioral health at the beginning of this itinerary to a new life. It’s now time to address the physical impediments that you, like many other problem gamblers, are experiencing. The obvious answer is to improve compromised fitness through nutrition and exercise, and it’s true that you should, however there’s more to it than that. There are certain types of activities that can produce relatively the same chemical reaction (the release of dopamine and endorphins) as sports betting and casino gaming. So while these activities will greatly benefit your physical wellness, they are advantageous to your mental wellbeing as well. It’s a win win!

V. How to Get Your Loved Ones Back

For most individuals in your position, the greatest loss due to gambling, is the loss of family and other loved ones. Your disorder has caused harm to your relationships with spouses, companions, children, parents, siblings, and close friends (as applicable). It’s time to repair these relationships. To begin with, open up about your struggles with gambling by following the advice laid out via the link below.

Once you’ve come forward about everything, consider asking them to join you in group therapy. Kindbridge has made available online support groups specifically for families of problem gamblers. Participation can help heal their own mental health struggles (as victims of your disorder) and your relationship. Click below to learn more.

If you feel as if you have lost everything due to gambling, find peace of mind that you only have everything to gain from here on in. Reach out today to begin the pathway to recovery.

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