How to Stop Thinking About Gambling

It creeps into your mind from the moment you wake, and reverberates into your thoughts over coffee, while en route to work, at work, and into leisure hours when you’re supposed to be focused on friends and family. It tucks you into bed at night, only to repeat itself the very next day. It’s not love (unfortunately) but gambling that has consumed your thoughts, and those of millions of other Americans who are not able to separate the activity from all other areas of their lives. As a consequence, it impacts your focus, functionality, and productivity. You’ve had enough, and are online right now and asking for help on how to stop thinking about gambling. As America’s resource for problem gambling support we have the answer you need to move forward. Let’s review.

4 Powerful Steps to Help You Stop Thinking About Casino Gaming and Sports Betting Today

I. Identify Reasons Why You Think About Gambling

It’s important to understand why you are not able to stop thinking about the activity that has consumed your life. Understanding this may be instrumental in taking the appropriate corrective action. There are seven primary factors that may be contributing to the problem, either singularly or with some in union with one another. These include the following:

  • Genetic factors
  • Psychological factors
  • Gender factors
  • Age factors
  • Personality factors
  • Social factors
  • Frequent exposure to triggers

Please reference 7 Reasons Why I Can’t Stop Gambling for deeper insight into each, then return to this article for your next step.

II. Confirm Presence of Gambling Disorder

One of the primary symptoms of gambling disorder or a problematic relationship with gambling is an inability to stop thinking about it. Knowing this, we recommend taking a short quiz to confirm that you do have a gambling problem. Confirmation clears the pathway to getting the help you need, which can open up additional doors to getting support through your insurance provider. Click the link below to take the short 5-minute assessment:

III. Get Online Help

Research consistently shows that problem gamblers cannot effectively stop (or stop thinking about) gambling on their own. Correspondingly, it’s imperative for you to get support without a moment to waste. Another day with gambling on the mind only places you further away from your goal of freedom from its grip. The good news, is that Kindbridge Behavioral Health has made access to support easy for all Americans. We offer online counseling for individuals via safe and welcoming one-on-one sessions and/or in virtual group sessions. Let’s find out what will work best for you. Reach out to a Kindbridge care coordinator to schedule your first session.

Should I Stop Gambling

IV. Replace Thoughts with Healthy Alternatives

While on the road to recovery with support from Kindbridge (above) we encourage you to replace remaining thoughts about gambling with those about a much healthier activity. What this looks like will vary from personality to personality, but we have research-backed insight into what might be most effective for you. These activities will not only provide a “physical” platform to channel your interest, they will help override existing thoughts of gambling and refocus them on beneficial areas:

  • Outdoor recreation
  • Competitive team sports
  • Travel
  • Meditation
  • Entrepreneurship

Please reference our guide to Gambling Alternatives That Actually Work for added inspiration.

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Should I Stop Gambling