Free Gambling Therapy for Veterans in Colorado

There is a troubling link between military service and gambling disorder. The rate of problem gambling among active duty military is 3.5 times higher than among civilians, and consequently the demand for support from both active and inactive veterans is high across all U.S. states. That being said, demand in some regions is higher than with others, with Colorado being among them. There are six military bases in Colorado, with approximately 35,000 active duty personnel and 400,000 veterans. This makes access to mental health care programs limited with long wait times, especially when it comes to the highly-specialized field of gambling disorder treatment. Another barrier for a number of military households is cost.

We’re here to knock down these barriers to problem gambling support for Colorado veterans.

Kindbridge Behavioral Health together with Kindbridge Research Institute (KRI) is honored to offer U.S. veterans in Colorado FREE access to support groups that empower through improved mental health and wellness. This was made possible after KRI received a grant from the Colorado Division of Gaming. The group sessions occur in a safe, welcoming, convenient, and effective online environment. There are three dedicated groups, each focusing on a different form of behavioral health condition and corresponding recovery program. You can read more about these free veteran support groups here. Further, please reference the info-graphic below to learn more about what you (or a loved one) are going through, and how KRI will help.

Free Therapy for Veterans in Colorado for Gambling Addiction
Free Therapy for Veterans in Colorado for Gambling Addiction

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