Mental Health Employee Assistance Program

Comprehensive coverage for your employees. Discover our flexible options starting from $12 per employee per month (PEPM).

Provide access to specialist care and increase productivity

Lack of access to specialist care can reduce workplace productivity. Refer employees to professionals who specialize in mental health treatments to boost engagement and well-being.

By taking a positive approach to well-being in the workplace, your organisation can benefit from more engaged and motivated staff.

According to Cura Link study on EAP program effectiveness:

  • 76% of employees reported ‘high’ productivity after EAP treatment, up from 32% prior to using the program
  • The average time missed from work due to the employee’s presenting concern dropped from 10.3 hours to 3.1 hours after using the EAP
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Whatever support your employees need, our experienced team is here

At Kindbridge we tailor our programs and services to meet your organization’s needs.

Immediate access to highly-trained therapists

Every EAP counselor has at minimum a master’s level degree as well as specialist certifications and licenses.

Employees have access to 4 counseling sessions, including (but not limited to) therapy for the following problem areas:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Gambling
  • Gaming
  • Family/relationship issues
  • Job-related challenges

Fast initial consultation

Unlimited access to a toll-free number which connects callers to a licensed professional consultant.

Available from anywhere

Confidential, online treatment that is accessible from the comfort of home – or anywhere else.

Follow-up support

Follow-up support is provided, as needed, to ensure appropriate and effective care.

Professional support for your organization

We provide a high-quality service for you and your people:

  • Employee orientations with information on how to access and use the EAP.
  • Manager training programs for supervisory-level personnel.
  • Unlimited management consultation services with expert guidance and support for managers working with an underperforming or troubled employee.
  • Mental health readiness training for staff that engage with colleagues who are in a distressed state.

Fast initial consultation

EAP services include trauma response consultations following critical incidents, including workplace accidents and fatalities, national disasters, hostage situations and violent crimes.

Wellness seminars

Our Customer Service Mental Health Focus Training is designed to build mental resilience, confidence and motivation to help employees deal with the challenges of life. Two wellness seminars are provided per contract year from a list of topics relevant to rising trends in mental health-related issues.

Life-changing treatment for the whole company and their families

We can offer support to anyone in your organization who is struggling, including impacted family members.


We offer both individual and group counseling for individuals struggling with their mental health.

Loved Ones

We offer therapy to eligible family members who are being negatively impacted by a loved one.

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