Corporate Mental Health and Wellness Programs

Kindbridge provides behavioral healthcare nationally through telehealth services, specializing in process behavioral disorders.

Treatment Services

Our expert clinical team delivers individualized treatment for clients, and consultation, supervision, and training for staff of our Strategic Treatment Partners who may require this expertise to meet these unique treatment and training needs of their programs.

Treatment Services include:

Kindbridge is accepting referrals for individualized treatment services for clients (along with affected individuals) impacted by the following behavioral challenges:

The words compulsive gambling, gambling disorder, problem gambling or gambling addiction are also used to describe when people experience negative impacts from gambling.

Includes video gaming, esports and loot boxes. Gaming can feel like a relief or an ‘escape’. Some individuals find gaming leaves them feeling more anxious, down or more stressed.

Includes day trading, Robinhood, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and NFTs. Excessive and compulsive short-term financial trading can cause day trading addiction which often leads to financial problems and mental health issues.

Includes social media, excessive internet use and virtual worlds.

Includes compulsive sexual behavior, impulse control disorder, hypersexuality, pornography. Sex addiction has a multitude of negative consequences for sufferers and their loved ones.

Includes behavior such as denial, control, compliance, low self-esteem, isolation and avoidance.

Includes issues such as anxiety, depression and stress. 

Training Services

Kindbridge is available to provide Training for Process Behavior Disorder treatment to enhance program service delivery. Kindbridge offers add-on Treatment Program Services training that consists of more in-depth expertise for individual assessment, screening, and treatment for behavioral disorders.

Training Topics include:

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