Gambling Related Financial Harms Workshop

When: Every Tuesday @ 8pm ET

Kindbridge’s Recovering from Gambling Related Financial Harms workshop will help you find your way out of a very difficult situation. Participants will gain knowledge about the consequences and realities on their finances, relationships and sense of self. The skills learned in these classes can be applied to any area where temptation may complicate things such as impulse buying or dieting.

Topics covered:

  • Values and Beliefs Regarding Money
  • Implications of Problem Gambling and Money
  • Gamblers Quest for Money
  • Responsible Gambling Strategies
  • Creating a simple budget
  • Cleaning up a mess

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Marc Lefkowitz

Marc Lefkowitz ICGC-II has been a certified gambling counselor for over 20 years. Marc is a national speaker facilitating problem gambling trainings and workshops on topics including financial recovery, treatment, Gamblers Anonymous, technology and responsible gaming. In 2012, Marc received California’s Lifetime Achievement Award for working with problem gamblers and their families. He is a recovering gambler with over 38 years of recovery and recently earned the NCPG’s Jeff Beck Recovery Award. Marc is the Director of Programming for Kindbridge.