Continuing Education in a Technology-Based World

Pursuing Certifications in Gambling & Gaming Mental Health Issues

Becoming certified at the international level in Gambling and Gaming issues lends credibility to these ever-expanding topics in the fields of mental health. Many clients look for specialization for these topics when deciding who to call and when to schedule
the beginning of their therapeutic journey. Novice clinicians may try to use generic addiction-logic with clients who want to grow even though these issues are affecting their lives. You can be a part of their solution!

Kindbridge offers continuing education trainings which have been endorsed by the IGCCB in both live and on-demand formats. By completing these trainings, collecting direct therapy hours in sessions where gamers and gambling clients review their issues, and attending consultation with a
clinical field expert (referred to as a Board Approved Clinical Consultant), you can add
the certification which best matches your areas of focus to your clinical profile soon!

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Internationally Certified Gambling Counselor (Levels I + II)

These credentials focus on the unique issues affecting problem gamblers on a continuum. Moving from normal to at-risk, and eventually problem gambling, the problem of Gambling Disorder affects millions of people who gamble, along with their families, friends, and loved ones. This certification endorses the helping professional in being aware of the unique issues affecting problem gamblers which may not be as obvious when working with more traditional addiction issues.

International Gaming Disorder Certificate

This certificate provides counselors with the knowledge and skills they need to address gaming disorders in their practice. Explore best-practices and evidence-based strategies for treating gaming and digital misuse, as well as their intersection with problem gambling and gaming
disorders. This level of training will help clinicians dig deeper into other high-risk groups that may co-occur with these issues, such as in mental health and substance use disorders. Learn how to effectively treat these conditions and help those in need improve their connections with technology.

Gambling Addiction Therapy
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Certification through the IGCCB

Kindbridge Behavioral Health is focused on ensuring quality services for clients through supporting the training and ongoing education of its providers. Specialized training is essential for counselors seeking to provide effective treatment services to clients with gambling or video game disorders. Understanding the unique behavioral and psychological risks associated with these activities can help practitioners identify warning signs, create effective intervention strategies, and understand how other co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders may interact. Having access to best-practice approaches for gaming disorder treatment and prevention can equip counselors with the skills they need to effectively respond to their client’s needs.

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Kindbridge Behavioral Health is an official Preferred Provider through the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board.

All Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) received from our trainings will contribute to the certification process across all IGCCB credentials for eligible treatment professionals.

Live Webinars

Attend continuing education training with experienced professionals in the field of gaming and gambling disorders to gain insight into best-practice approaches for prevention and treatment. Receive insights from experts on how to identify warning signs, create effective intervention strategies, and understand the interaction between these issues and other co-occurring mental health or substance use disorders. With this specialized knowledge, counselors
will be able to provide their clients with the best possible care.

On-Demand Training

Now, you can collect continuing education units at your own pace using Kindbridge Behavioral Health’s convenient on-demand portal. This portal offers clinicians access to
the latest topics in the field of mental health, substance abuse, and addiction treatment. With courses from leading professionals in the field, practitioners can develop a variety of specialized skills that can be applied when working with different populations and disorders. Grow your professional knowledge and skills conveniently and at your own pace!

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Develop a specialized set of knowledge and skills using evidence-based practices when working with diverse populations and disorders.

Access to online learning opportunities, mentorship programs, and continuing education units for counselors-in-training.

Flexible scheduling and convenient telehealth options for providing therapy services anytime, anywhere.

Work with a team of passionate professionals that challenge you to grow professionally in meaningful ways.

Receive competitive compensation for your expertise, including bonus opportunities related to workplace performance.

Technology and Play Based Issues are Complex Mental Health Issues

Treatment for process addictions like gambling and video game disorder can be more challenging compared to substance-based forms of addiction. Process addictions can often look different from each person, making it difficult to identify and diagnose without a thorough assessment. Furthermore, the physiological properties that come with these types of addictions can be more difficult for clinicians to address since individuals are often engaging in the behavior voluntarily. Treatment involves providing support for patients as they learn new coping skills and behaviors for managing their addiction, which may require frequent monitoring and follow-up sessions.

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