Mike Bellamy

Mike Bellamy

Imagine getting up every morning excited to get out of bed. Imagine yourself with the confidence that you are worthy of love and are capable of doing the things you need to do, want to do, and enjoy doing? Whether you can visualize that or not, it’s possible and it’s your right. There are many beliefs that could be holding you back: fear of getting there itself; or not being adequate, capable, loveable; or believing overwhelming grief will last forever; or that asking itself is a sign of weakness; or…. We all get those messages, from parents, loved ones, teachers, bosses and peers. They’re wrong!
You have the ability to get there; but might be blind to the skills you have. You might not see the path; be full of fear; one who finds the time for others, but not for themselves. Only the courageous overcome fear and ask for help; and although we may have negative beliefs about ourselves, we can still have a life of joy, love, fulfillment and meaning.
I am an LCSW and LCADC with 14 years of experience in the largest psychiatric facility in NJ and 4 years in private practice. Currently I am taking telehealth clients with multiple diagnoses through Headway and problem gambling and gaming clients through Kindbridge. My practice is telehealth exclusively.


Trauma, PTSD, Gambling, Depression

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