Michael Contreras

Michael Contreras

My client population includes children, adolescents and adults. I work with individuals as well as families. I facilitate numerous groups and skills training curriculum in various topics including adolescent first offenders, anger management, divorce and separation, parenting, and teen issues.
My theoretical approach is cognitive-behavioral therapy but I rely heavily on an eclectic approach as well depending on the needs of each client. My clinical interests include: marriage and family counseling, school difficulties and behavior referrals, adolescent issues, crisis intervention, substance abuse, PTSD, and depression.
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a U.S. Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional. I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of Texas at Dallas, a Master of Science Degree from The University of the Southwest, and my PsyD from California Southern University.


Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, OCD

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