Online Behavioral Health Therapists

Daniel Kaufmann

Counselor, PhD, LMHC, BACC


Feeling stuck? Are you finding it hard to get motivated? Would your life be better with one or two basic changes that you have been putting off for years? Change is possible…Today! If you notice a pattern in your life you want to work on, counseling can make the difference. Sometimes we don’t notice the things we can control in our own situations. Knowing how to cause the change we need is the key to feeling better and creating a positive outlook. Area of Effect Counseling currently offers one-on-one, family, and internet-based counseling options.
My specialty is working with mental health issues and behavioral addictions. These are things we do that get in the way of our responsibilities and block us from achieving our goals. These could be using video games, the internet, social media, sex, or many others in an unhealthy way.
I have dedicated much of my career to researching online video game addiction. My treatment approach incorporates solution-oriented philosophies in a family context, giving you the option to benefit in as many ways as possible. I also hold a specialization in gambling addiction.