My goal, irrespective of where you find yourself in your personal journey, is to collaborate with you to enhance your overall wellness. Drawing upon a diverse mix of therapeutic theories, I anchor my practice in person-centered and solution-focused approaches, with the therapeutic alliance being of paramount importance. As we foster this alliance, our focus will also be on cultivating mindfulness regarding the obstacles you face, employing these insights to stimulate actions beyond our sessions.

Having gained diverse experience across therapeutic settings—from intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs, to crisis call centers and private individual practice—I primarily focus on assisting individuals grappling with high anxiety, depression, and gambling/gaming addictions. I also provide support for executive skill-building.

Each one of us holds the capacity to carve out the life we desire, in spite of the obstacles or detrimental habits that may hinder us. Individuals often underestimate their strength, and it’s my privilege to assist in revealing that innate resilience. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you, and together, reaffirm your inherent strengths