How to Avoid Betting Temptation During Football Season

At press, the college football schedule is underway and the 2023 NFL season is about to kick-off. It’s an exciting time for fans, but for problematic sports bettors (yourself included) who have been abstaining over the past few months, it’s a problem. Temptation is at an all-time high during American football season and you’re worried that you’ll fall back into bad habits. As a result, you’ve joined thousands of others who are in the same boat to ask for help on how to avoid betting temptation when triggers are everywhere. Below are effective steps to assist in your worthy goal.

5 Effective Things to do to Keep from Falling Back into Problem Gambling Behavior During the American Football Season of 2023

Don’t Watch Football

This will be tough as a lifelong fan, but if you have a strong to severe gambling problem (take quiz) it’s your first line of defense against relapse. Watching the game itself can be a trigger, but when you add the onslaught of sports betting advertisements and relentless commentator discussion about point spreads and related gambling terms, those triggers can pull you right back into placing wagers. There may be a return to a day when sports betting hasn’t tarnished your love of sports but now is not that moment in time. For the interim, focus on these healthier alternatives when the week’s slate of games are on.

If You Must Watch, Do So Commercial-Free

If you have a mildly problematic relationship with gambling (take quiz) and personal history has shown you can watch football without issue as long as you’re not exposed to sports betting promotions, you may consider online streaming platforms that allow you access to “All Killer, No Filler” hours of commercial-free football on your TV. We’re not going to recommend any specific digital networks, but they do exist to showcase the biggest games of the week as they happen in real time, along with post game/week highlights. Do your homework regarding options as you prepare for your journey as a betting-free fan of football.

Throw Football Betting Apps in the Trash

If you maintain memberships with sports betting operators through web-enabled apps remove them from your devices and life altogether. During the college football and NFL season you will be sent a gauntlet of marketing campaigns and push notifications with enticing offers to get you back in the football betting game. Their algorithms and marketing teams know that you’ve been absent and they will work relentlessly to reactivate you as a player. Delete apps from your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops and unsubscribe to all emails while filing for self-exclusion on their respective platforms. Take this a step further by installing Gamban (or similar software) to your devices that will block uploads should you experience a moment of weakness.

Avoid Fantasy Football

Forget the supposedly contentious discussion regarding whether or not fantasy football is considered gambling. In today’s world, it essentially is. Any involvement in fantasy football that is tied to financial reward, whether it’s through a mobile app or an office pool, is a trigger that may lure you back into problematic gambling territory.

Get Help Today

The most effective way to avoid betting temptation during the trigger-loaded American football season is to get ongoing support for problem gambling. Attempting to abstain on your own is simply too risky. Kindbridge Behavioral Health offers affordable, convenient, and powerful problem gambling therapy in a safe and welcoming environment. Our team of therapists specialize in sports betting “addiction” and know exactly what you’re going through at this unique time of the year. Reach out to a Kindbridge care coordinator today to get started.

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