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Are you struggling with your own emotional well being? Are you concerned about the mental health of a loved one? You're not alone.

Data from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for Virginia indicates that over 1.1 million in the state –  approximately 13% of the population – have a diagnosed mental health condition. The true figure is decidedly higher when the number of residents who have not received an accepted diagnosis is accounted for. For instance, recent 2022 Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Center for Community Research found that 28% of adults in the area report “active mental health symptoms”. That’s up from just 8 percent in 2019. Furthermore, an estimated 43% of adults report having symptoms of anxiety and depression. Sadly, Virginia youth are on an even more concerning path. The mental health outcomes they have experienced (and will experience) as a restful of COVID-19 lockdowns will echo for years. The Behavioral Health Barometer for Virginia reports that almost 16 percent of those aged 12-17 have experienced a Major Depressive Episode (MDE). which is one of the highest rates in the entire southern USA. A comparison to other U.S. states in the Kindbridge service area is also of concern – the barrier to access to sufficient help. NAMI reports that 22% of all residents live in a community that does not have adequate access to mental health professionals. While that barrier to therapy is less dire than that of our own home state of Tennessee, which at 46%, it is still of concern.

Herein lies the origin of Kindbridge Online Behavioral Health Services.

In an area where almost 1.94 million people don’t have proper access to mental health professionals, Kindbridge identified that something needed to be done. Our organization has carefully selected mental health professionals from the Southern U.S. to provide immediate counseling and therapy. Those in need no longer have to wait to receive help. Kindbridge has designed a welcoming and safe virtual environment where you and/or loved ones can begin the road to recovery and receive comprehensive support along the way.

We provide online behavioral health services in Virginia for those dealing with the following:

We offer virtual behavioral health services in Virginia for the following:

Affordable Access to Behavioral Health Services in Virginia

We’re committed to opening up behavioral health services to Virginia. However, we don’t just allude to geographic access. Kindbridge bridges the gap between counseling and those in need by also offering affordable mental health therapy. Among the nearly 382,000 adults in Virginia who went without needed mental health care in the most recent year, just under 47 percent went without due of excessive cost. You’ll be pleased to know that our rates are typically lower than what one would pay for in-clinic treatment. Additionally, we accept claims from recognized health insurance plans in Virginia.

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