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The Green Mountain State and its near 650,000 residents (and holding) prides itself for its lush scenery, premium ski resorts, open-minded culture, commitment to sustainable living, and penchant for enjoying life. The latter is being threatened not by conflicting ideologies, but by compromised wellness that comes in the form of problem gambling and cooccurring mental/behavioral health conditions. Unfortunately, the same rural countryside that makes the state so appealing to live within has limited physical access to mental health services. Kindbridge is changing all of that, effective immediately.

Kindbridge is proud to offer individuals, households, and organizations in Vermont access to powerful virtual and telehealth based gambling addiction treatment. Our team also has expertise in counseling for problem gaming in addition to therapy for anxiety, stress, and depression. Furthermore, we have specialists in place to assist particularly vulnerable populations such as military veterans/servicepersons and athletes.

A Brief Background on Gambling Addiction in Vermont

Gambling addiction is nothing new in Vermont. At press, nearly 2.5% of the state’s adult population already suffers from gambling disorder. However, the problem is quickly escalating into a crisis, as in January of 2024 sports betting officially became legal in the state. Experts expect the state to follow the same path as others on the map of regulated U.S. states, complete with record breaking helpline calls and increased demand for support services.

Specialized Gambling Addiction Treatment in Vermont

No individual, household, or organizational experience with problem gambling is the same, so no treatment is the same. Kindbridge offers the most robust solution in the state, with treatment options that can be “customized” for the following:

Serving the Entire State of Vermont

As an online and telehealth service, Kindbridge services residents in the entire state of Vermont. Whether your home or organization is located in Burlington (population of 44,646) or Victory (population of 47) Kindbridge is ready for your call.

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Alongside these specialty services, we deal with a wide array of deeper mental health conditions including OCD, Manic Depression, Schzophrenia, and more, that are co-occuring conditions.

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