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Are you struggling with your own emotional well being? Are you concerned about the mental health of a loved one? You're not alone.

Data from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for Alabama indicates that just under 800,000 in the state – approximately 16% of the population – have a diagnosed mental health condition. The exact number is even higher when the number of residents who have not received an official diagnosis is taken into consideration. Moreover, approximately 43% of adults report having symptoms of anxiety and depression. Regrettably, Alabama’s youth are on a similar course, even worse, when the mental health consequences of the COVID-19 shutdowns are accounted for. The Behavioral Health Barometer for Alabama reports that nearly 13% of those aged 12-17 have experienced a Major Depressive Episode (MDE). While the statistics are parallel to other U.S. states in the Kindbridge service area, the historic lack of access to adequate help is of grave concern. NAMI reports that an estimated 58% of all residents live in a community that does not have adequate access to mental health professionals. That barrier to proper care is even worse than found with our own home state of Tennessee.

And therein lies the motivation behind Kindbridge Online Behavioral Health Services.

In a region where almost 3 million people don’t have proper access to mental health professionals, Kindbridge recognized that something needed to be done. Our organization has carefully chosen mental health professionals from the Southern U.S. to provide immediate counseling and therapy. You and/or loved ones don’t have to wait to receive help. Kindbridge has created a welcoming and safe virtual environment where you/they can embark upon the road to recovery and receive full support along the way.


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Alongside these specialty services, we deal with a wide array of deeper mental health conditions including OCD, Manic Depression, Schzophrenia, and more, that are co-occuring conditions.

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