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Kindbridge and Rob_odaat have partnered to help provide you more information about gambling addiction resources and counseling options available to you. 

If you've ever felt like you've wanted to stop gambling but don't know how, you're in the right spot. Check out the links below for next steps.

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Watch: Demystifying Therapy: Guide to treatment and why it works.

Many individuals are afraid of seeking help, and what it all means when they do. What am I admitting to? Will it work? What if I am a lost cause? But therapy is truly about uncovering the root cause of a problem, and taking steps towards regaining control of your life.

Featured Article:
When Does Gambling Become an Addiction

Signs, Causes and Treatment

You’ve been gambling quite a bit lately. In a few instances you have been determined to take a break, only to find yourself in the casino and/or betting on sports online within days of your attempted abstinence.

Here are two things that determine when your gambling habit has turned into an addiction and a few other things you need to know.

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