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We offer personalized mental health care to people aged 10+ across 25 US states. Our licensed and trained therapists provide a wide range of evidence-based modalities to deliver the most effective treatment.

Referring to Kindbridge is quick and easy. Simply complete our online referral form. Once your referral is received, our Care Coordination team will contact your patient within 24 hours to schedule an initial consultation.

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Our virtual therapy sessions are popular with clients for the following reasons:

Fast access to care

The average wait for a mental health services across the country is 21 days. Our care is available immediately so your patients can get started right away.

Available from anywhere

Teletherapy makes mental health treatment confidential and convenient. Your patients can access high-quality care from the comfort of home, or anywhere else.

Personalized treatment plan

We will match your patient to a counselor best suited to their needs who will tailor a treatment plan that delivers the highest quality recovery outcomes.

Insurance support

Our Care Coordination team can answer any insurance questions and submit insurance claims on behalf of your patients.

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