The partnership between Kindbridge Behavioral Health (KBH) and US Integrity forms a crucial alliance in the realm of sports betting integrity and mental health support, particularly within the university sector across the United States. Central to this collaboration is, Prohibet, a sportsbetting rule enforcement platform that monitors suspicious betting activity amongst collegiate and professional athletes. The Prohibet program now offers a direct pathway to care by utilizing the extensive mental health network provided by KBH.

Prohibet is designed to address the burgeoning concerns around sports betting within university environments. As sports betting becomes more prevalent, the need for robust integrity measures and support services for those involved in university sports has never been greater. This program seeks to fulfill that need by offering comprehensive solutions that encompass both preventive and responsive strategies.

KBH plays a vital role in this partnership by providing its specialized mental health expertise and network. The organization brings to the table a wealth of experience in dealing with gambling-related issues, offering counseling and support services that are tailored to the unique challenges faced by individuals in the university sports community. This includes athletes, coaches, and staff who might be impacted by the pressures and temptations of sports betting.