The collaboration between Kindbridge Behavioral Health (KBH) and Entain is focused on improving mental health support for individuals dealing with gambling disorders. KBH is committed to creating educational content specifically for gamblers seeking mental health assistance and is equally dedicated to training its clinical staff thoroughly on gambling disorder. This initiative is key in enhancing the understanding and cultural competency of gambling disorder among KBH’s clinical team.

Entain plays a vital role in this effort by providing financial support, which is fundamental for the development and distribution of both educational and training materials. This support allows KBH to produce high-quality, informative resources tailored to assist individuals struggling with gambling and gaming issues. These resources are crafted to be both insightful and accessible, offering crucial guidance and awareness.

Additionally, Entain’s financial support is critical for the specialized training of KBH’s clinicians. This training aims to deepen their knowledge of gambling disorders, thereby improving their ability to offer culturally competent and effective treatment. With this advanced training, KBH’s clinical staff are better prepared to provide empathetic and informed care to those facing these complex challenges.