The collaboration between Kindbridge Behavioral Health and DraftKings is a significant step towards promoting responsible gambling and addressing mental health issues related to gambling. This partnership specifically targets self-excluded players, providing them with access to expert mental health clinicians from Kindbridge.

The KBH clinicians specialize in understanding the mental health challenges associated with gambling. They offer personalized care and guidance to help self-excluded players better understand their mental state and navigate their way towards recovery. The focus is on identifying underlying issues, providing professional support, and directing individuals to resources that are knowledgeable about the mental health problems related to gambling.

This initiative by Kindbridge and DraftKings underscores the commitment of both organizations to the well-being of their users. By prioritizing mental health support for self-excluded players, they are taking a proactive stance in addressing the complex relationship between gambling and mental health, ensuring that those who need help have direct access to professional and empathetic care.