The collaboration between Kindbridge Behavioral Health and BetMGM represents a strategic and proactive approach to supporting responsible gambling. Central to this partnership is the focus on providing comprehensive support to self-excluded players and those who initiate a time-out from play.

Kindbridge plays a crucial role in this collaboration by offering access to educational support groups and expert mental health clinicians. These resources are specifically designed to assist individuals in understanding and managing their mental health, particularly in relation to gambling. The support groups provide a safe space for shared experiences and learning, while the clinicians offer professional guidance and personalized care.

For players who choose to self-exclude or take a break from gambling, this collaboration ensures they have immediate access to these vital resources. The aim is to help individuals gain insights into their gambling behaviors and underlying mental health issues, facilitating a better understanding of their current state, and guiding them towards appropriate resources and treatment.

This partnership between Kindbridge Behavioral Health and BetMGM highlights the importance of addressing the mental health aspects of gambling. It provides a pathway for players to receive the help they need, emphasizing the commitment of both organizations to responsible gambling and the well-being of their users.