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Our commitment is to treat overall mental health and well-being to improve your quality of life.

Starting teletherapy is easy

Therapy may seem daunting, especially if you have never had it before. But Kindbridge’s specialized approach means that you are guided through treatment and recovery from your first contact with us.

Meet with a Care Coordinator


Attend your appointment and we will discuss your goals and aspirations to help get a feel for what you are looking for in a Counselor.

Get matched with one of our Therapists


Your therapist will bring their clinical knowledge and expertise to help set your goals and get you on track right from the first meeting.

Begin your mental health recovery journey


You and your counselor will work together to build a plan of action that makes sense for your situation and will schedule an attendance cadence that will help you reach your goals.

Virtual Behavioral Health Services

Mental health care without long wait times. Start today!

The average wait for a mental health services across the country is 21 days. With Kindbridge, you can start your journey to recovery right away. We will work with you to achieve positive outcomes where and when it’s convenient because your mental health and wellbeing matters most. We work with both individuals and also loved ones.

1 Day

Kindbridge wait time.

21 Days

Average national wait time.

Meet with a therapist or coach right away

Not enough people are getting timely access to care right now due to high demand for mental health services. Average wait for a mental health visit across the country is 21 days. With Kindbridge, you can begin your journey to recovery right away.

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Benefits of

Our virtual therapy sessions are popular with clients for the following reasons:


Highly trained and experienced counselors who understand mental health and well-being for gamers and gamblers.


Online treatment, easily accessible from the comfort of your home. Programs tailored to your needs.


Different therapeutic styles, including individual, couples, family and group therapy.

Quality Care

Commitment to treating overall mental health and well-being, not simply the gambling symptoms.

Hear from our clients

Fast and effective mental health help

Often people wait until they are at crisis point to seek help. The earlier we treat mental health problems, the better the outcome. If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression or any other mental health condition, contact us for a free consultation.

We offer therapy
to fit your needs

Kindbridge can remotely diagnose a range of mental health issues and provide expert online counseling to support you and your family.

Whatever care you need, our experienced clinical team will tailor a treatment plan to deliver the highest quality recovery outcomes so you can live your best life.

We will help you to resolve conflict, improve communication and gain insight into how your relationship has been impacted by mental health issues.

Working with your family, we will strengthen connections in a constructive way to reduce conflict and improve the mental health of each person in the family unit.

This type of therapy allows you to meet other people with similar problems in a therapeutic space, and gain insight into yourself and your actions.

Our experienced counselors will give you the tools and support to regain control of your gaming or gambling and lead a happier, healthier life.

Our Modalities

We use the latest evidence-based treatment practices to deliver the most effective care. Together, we will agree which technique is most suitable for your needs. We may recommend one approach or a combination of different methods from the following modalities:

CBT is an effective form of talk therapy that helps people identify how their thinking and thought processes affect their emotions and behavior. CBT is practical and short-term, focussing on solutions to what is happening in their current lives and on gaining skills to change their perceptions and reactions to problems.

This type of talk therapy explores non-judgmentally the issues or problems in a person’s life, such as substance use, for example. The therapist explores together with the client reasons, motivations and strategies, in a way that allows the client to decide for themself when and how to implement next steps of change in behavior for a recurring issue.

The therapist uses relaxation techniques to help clients imagine a triggering or anxiety-provoking scenario and to maintain a relaxed state. It can be very effective with addictions such as gambling, shopping, gaming, substance use, as well as anxiety disorders. Imaginal desensitization allows people to practice scenarios in a safe controlled environment with a therapist in ways that reduces their anxiety when confronting the situation in real life.

This type of therapy uses principles of positive reinforcement and rewards to help people make positive changes in their lives. It can be used with motivational interviewing, and cognitive -behavioral therapy to increase effectiveness for people struggling with addictions or anxiety disorders.

Another client-centered practice using mindfulness, acceptance, behavioral change strategies and CBT. ACT focuses on the here and now, and the therapist helps the client understand and frame their choices to align with values and goals.

This type of therapy helps people to become more aware of their emotions and to understand how emotions can contribute to negative or harmful behaviors. Clients learn to identify and describe the impact of their emotions on them. The goal is to accept and regulate these, as well as develop coping skills for situations that elicit maladaptive emotions.

We’re here to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.