Problem Gambling News November 2023

We’re nearing the final stretch of 2023 with the arrival of November. It’s a noteworthy month for most Americans, denoting preparations for Thanksgiving and the entire Holiday season to come. However, amidst the planning, hustle, and bustle, are a large number of individuals, households, and even organizations that are struggling with their mental and behavioral health as it’s impacted by participation in one particular activity – gambling. For this reason, Kindbridge Behavioral Health is beholden to publish yet another problem gambling news release. Please read ahead to stay more informed about what’s happening around the nation.

November 2023 Developments Regarding Problem Gambling that Individuals, Households, and Organizations Should Know About

Shining a Spotlight on Veteran’s Day

While Americans should never turn a blind eye to the challenges faced by military veterans, we’re provided a reminder every November 11th. And although Veteran’s Day serves to honor their sacrifices, we also want it to shine a spotlight on compromised mental and behavioral health that is unique to veteran experiences. Increased instances of gambling disorder is one of these distinguishing characteristics. It’s a concern that most Americans don’t even know exists when it comes to veterans, which is why it’s so important to highlight it in this month’s problem gambling news release.

Research shows that rate of problem gambling among military personnel is 3.5 times higher than among civilians. In response, we at Kindbridge have made it our mission to provide a support system for valued servicepersons. We work with veterans such as David Yeager who shares his experiences with gambling addiction to help others who are going through the same thing. In addition, we have created a model for problem gambling support for veterans in Colorado that can scaled across all U.S. states and territories. To learn more about U.S. veteran experiences with problem gambling, please reference the links below:

Online Veteran Support Groups Colorado USA

NHL Betting Scandal Sparks Call to Recognize Gambling as Mental Health Concern

We look north of the border (sort of) for this next problem gambling news update. Researchers in Canada are calling upon the National Hockey League (NHL) to recognize the growing mental health concern regarding player participation in gambling and install better support systems to current and prospective players. This call-to-action is coming in the wake of a recent suspension of an NHL player who violated league gambling policy. In the past, the NHL has remained relatively unscathed when it comes to athlete gambling violations compared to the NFL, NCAA, MLB, and NBA, but that’s all about to change as the proliferation of sports betting (and its advertising) grows across North America:

“It makes sense that some of those individuals would be athletes who are competitive, around the front lines, they’re getting exposed and seeing other people be involved with gambling and have successes with their gambling. And it seems inevitable that some people would be enticed to be involved […] As an athlete you may think you have more knowledge than a layperson and that may or may not be true. With any gambling, you’re more likely to lose than win.”

David Hodgins, Professor with the University of Calgary’s psychology department (via CTV News)
NHL Problem Gambling

Sports Betting Goes Live in Maine

More than a year after state lawmakers legalized it, sports betting went live in Maine this November 3, 2023. It has now added to this growing map of U.S. states with legal sports betting. The state is already coming off of the heels of a tragic event that will weigh heavy upon the mental health of residents for years to come. Consequently, increased access to mental and behavioral health support services will become more important than ever before.

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