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July is a big month for America. Its mention alone incites visions of backyard BBQs, beach days, iced tea, tee times, road trips, and Independence Day celebrations. But amidst it all there is an underlying concern that weighs heavy on the hearts, minds, and mental wellness for many in our nation – gambling addiction. Gambling addiction doesn’t take a summer vacation, and recent developments have made this abundantly clear. Please read ahead for the latest in problem gambling news across the USA.

July 2024 News Regarding Problem Gambling and Sports Betting that America Needs to Know About

CNBC Taps Kindbridge Team in Military Gambling Exposé

On July 3, CNBC released an exposé on the rise of problem gambling in the U.S. Armed Forces. Reporters tapped into the Kindbridge Behavioral Health team for insight, interviewing David Yeager and Brianne Doura-Schawohl.

Brianne Doura-Schawohl, is problem gambling advocate and military spouse who sits on the Kindbridge Behavioral Health Board of Directors. Her practice spans a wide range of work with executive and legislative branch officials and private sector stakeholders at the international, federal, state, and local levels of government. She has a history of achievements in State and United States Congressional legislative work, including a diverse portfolio of complex problem gambling policy issues involving the military.

David Yeager, is a 12 year veteran who has been in recovery for gambling disorder (GD) for nearly two decades. He is now an accomplished author, podcast host/producer, intake specialist and gambling recovery coach at Kindbridge, and is an Educational Program Developer at Kindbridge Research Institute’s new Military Gambling Awareness Committee.

Together, both Yeager and Doura-Schawohl stand tall as proponents of the Gambling Addiction Prevention (GAP) Act. The initiative is considered mission critical for the protection of the health and welfare of U.S. service members via the prevention of gambling addiction. Yeager and Doura-Schawohl intend to carry the strength of their conviction and contribution to Kindbridge’s successful Colorado Military Veterans Project into lobbying for the GAP Act, and other programs to come.

Watch the CNBC feature on the military gambling problem, right here.

NBA Player to be Charged with Felony in Sports Betting Scandal

Ontario Gambling Addiction

Back in April, Toronto Raptors’ Jontay Porter received a permanent ban from the NBA after investigations revealed that he wagered on his own games. Then, in last month’s Problem Gambling News release we reported that arrests were made of alleged organized criminals in connection with the sports betting scheme involving Porter. Things have escalated further as it seems that the former NBA player will join the others charged in the case. According to ESPN, court papers suggest that Porter will be charged with a federal felony. Time will tell where Porter will land once the dust has settled, but athletes across all leagues will be on high alert as a precedent has essentially been set. The integration of more comprehensive and immersive gambling education for athletes, teams, and leagues should now be considered a top priority as 2024-25 league start dates fast approach.

Summer Olympics to Extend Sports Betting Season

Can You Bet on the Olympics - Mental Health Question

As mentioned in the introduction of this month’s problem gambling news release, gambling addiction doesn’t take a summer vacation. This statement may be more true for this summer than any other, because the 2024 Summer Olympic Games get underway on July 26. Both regulated and unregulated sportsbooks have locked and loaded a wave of sports betting promotions, odds, and proposition betting lines aimed at seasoned bettors and the mainstream public alike. Many of the latter will be lured into sports betting for the very first time as marketing messages tug on their patriotic heart strings. View insights into why betting on the Olympic Games opens the gates for increased risk of problematic gambling in America.

Stay tuned for more as stories develop.

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