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Kindbridge commits to specialist gaming disorder training for counselors

Founded in 2020, Kindbridge is the world’s first teletherapy company to focus specifically on the treatment of gambling and gaming disorder. Its vision is to build the largest network of mental health treatment providers in the United States, who focus on gambling and gaming disorders. Kindbridge is delighted to partner with INTENTA in order to raise the standards of clinical care for the gaming population.

Gaming disorder recognized

Gaming disorder was approved for inclusion in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) in 2019, by the World Health Organization. In response, best practices are emerging for the treatment of gaming and digital disorders. INTENTA is at the forefront of training mental health professionals in this emerging field. In 2020, the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board (IGCCB) approved INTENTA as one of their first approved training partners. They deliver a full, web-based training curriculum for the new International Gaming Disorder Certificate (IGDC).

Dr. Harshal Awasthi, Addiction Psychiatrist states: “INTENTA is the first comprehensive clinical training of Gaming Disorder and it fills in a crucial gap in current formal medical training. Problematic gaming behavior continues to grow in our community and has seen a huge surge during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With a strong correlation with mental health disorders, this is expected to be a major social burden in the coming year and we need clinicians prepared to address this.”

Kindbridge’s commitment ensures all of their counsellors will undertake this internationally accredited training before working with clients. Their pioneering efforts in the field of gaming and gambling disorder teletherapy set the example for other therapeutic and telehealth organizations. Long term, this example will help to raise standards on clinical care and effect real change.

Kindbridge’s CEO Daniel Umfleet says: “We are delighted to be leading the field in offering specialist and tailored mental health care to people with gaming and gambling disorders. When we found INTENTA and their mission – to bridge the clinical skills gap around gaming disorder – we knew we had found the right partner to raise the standard of clinical care for gaming disorder clients and their families. We are excited to launch this partnership.”

Why is gaming disorder treatment needed?

By the end of 2021, there will be an estimated 3 billion active gamers worldwide. Three percent of this population is at-risk of gaming problems. Gaming disorder disrupts a gamer’s social and emotional development, family and peer relationships, and their career and health. Gamers and their loved ones are struggling to find local accredited therapists to help them overcome gaming disorder and minimize gaming-related harm.

During the worldwide pandemic, as addiction and mental health challenges arise – and gaming time increases worldwide – it is crucial that tele-therapists have specialist training to support their gaming clients. Kindbridge is committed to ensuring all their licensed counselors are certified or working towards their certifications in both Gaming and Gambling Disorders. Kindbridge and INTENTA are at the forefront of meeting the global demand for professional treatment of gaming and gambling, and improving quality of care for clients.

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