Kindbridge and HIPnation join forces to offer specialist gambling and gaming counseling

Kindbridge is delighted to partner with HIPnation, an innovative healthcare solution that removes insurance, its restrictions and complexities from primary care. The collaboration will give current and future HIPnation customers in GA, FL and TX access to specialist gambling and gaming teletherapy, as well as other mental health disorders treatable by therapy, through their existing primary care plans for a small increase in monthly premiums. It is the first healthcare package to include gambling and video gaming counseling in addition to more common mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Kindbridge is the world’s first teletherapy company focused specifically on delivering therapist-led treatment to people suffering from gambling and video gaming disorders as part an overall mental health treatment plan. Their mission is to build the largest network of mental health treatment providers in the United States that focuses on high-quality support for the vulnerable gambling and gaming communities, as well as other mental health therapy patients. The combined service will begin tracking the overall health of patients in future to better treat the whole person, not just the disease.

HIPnation is a ground-breaking, Atlanta-based healthcare company that provides quality-driven healthcare with 24/7 access to a personal primary care physician via virtual appointments using phone, text or telemedicine. This access is the foundation of their healthcare ecosystem, redesigned to put insurance only where it is needed, reducing total overall healthcare costs and refocusing healthcare on the patient.

Daniel Umfleet, CEO of Kindbridge, said: “I am extremely pleased that we have managed to make this partnership a reality. Teaming up with HIPnation means that more people now have easy access to mental health resources that can assist them with a wide range of topics that might be harming their emotional state, including gambling and gaming-related harms”.

From May 2021, existing and future HIPnation customers will have the option of accessing mental health services – including gambling and video gaming – as part of their overall plan. The new package will start with an elective plan for individuals, moving to a capitated plan for corporate and group customers by July 2021.

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About Kindbridge

Kindbridge is the world’s first teletherapy company focused specifically on the successful treatment of gamblers and gamers struggling with their mental health. The unique mental health challenges presented by gambling and gaming, especially in a virtual treatment setting, are far less researched and understood than other, more traditional mental health concerns. Kindbridge’s teletherapy expertise and experience in treating disorders is being used to establish ‘virtual best practice’ to improve treatment efficacy. Visit:

About HIPnation

HIPnation is a new healthcare delivery model that provides concierge-level style of care with costs at 60% less than the mainstream healthcare system. It has removed the insurance burden and costs from primary care so there are no insurance forms, no pre-qualifications and no cost uncertainties. This allows healthcare providers to devote more time and resources to patients. Visit: