Gambling Related Harms Meets Mental Health

Kindbridge, a national teletherapy company specializing in treatment for individuals and affected others suffering from the impact of gambling related harms to their mental health, is excited to be teaming up with #SameHere Global, a mental health non-profit that is working to change the paradigm of mental health through their vast network of influencers and evidence-based programming .

Kindbridge is building a national safety net for those impacted from problem gambling by teaming up with employers, health plans, schools, and health systems to make mental health care more accessible and affordable to those in need. They have recently teamed up with major casino and technology companies in the US such as Entain, Playtech, and DraftKings through their Research Institute to address mental health access and outcomes issues for military veterans with a gambling problem.

#SameHere is driving the conversation on mental health at a global level by providing mental health education across K-12 schools, Universities, collegiate athletic programs, and professional sports. Their mission is to normalize mental health and make it part of the everyday conversation. Their alliance network consists of researchers, practitioners, and leading mental health experts, as well as personalities from MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA/WNBA, MLS, Pro Boxing, Pro Volleyball, international sportsmen and women, announcers, actors, performers, and musicians.

Daniel Umfleet, Founder & CEO of Kindbridge, says “this partnership will help us drive the mental health conversation far and wide across the sportsbetting landscape in the US. We want to be talking to gamblers as early as possible about their mental health. We all, every single one of us, suffer from ill mental health from time to time. With this alliance we can educate early and often. Mental health is an incredibly important topic to preventing issues from developing further or at all and constructing safe environments where people can get the information that they need without judgement or stigma is incredibly important.”

Eric Kussin, Founder & CEO of #SameHere Global, says “we all live and move on a mental health continuum, based on the varying degrees of challenges we experience in life. Sometimes we can get stuck in the lower end of the spectrum and turn to outside sources, such as gambling, in order to escape the difficulties or uncomfortable feelings. Part of the #SameHere mission is to help those struggling realize there are many options available to them to improve their mental health. We are thrilled to partner with Kindbridge and offer our unique approach, resources and tools to the gambling and gaming community.”

The aim of the partnership is to create educational campaigns that raise awareness around common mental health issues that gamblers and sportsbetters may be experiencing. Both on the lead up to a gambling disorder as well as the mental health issues that frequently accompany excessive gambling habits. Creating psychoeducational content that can be used at the University, employer, professional sports, and health system levels will help shine light on the potential downside financially and mentally of gambling becoming more than entertainment.

Kindbridge will also become regulars on the #SameHere mental health podcast, “We’re All A Little Crazy” to discuss responsible gambling efforts, share learnings from treatment, and increase awareness around gambling disorder to a wide audience of listeners.

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The world’s first teletherapy company dedicated to the successful treatment of gamblers and gamers struggling with their mental health. Its mission is to build the largest network of mental health treatment providers in the US who focus on high-quality specialist care for these communities.

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The #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement

The #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to normalizing society’s perception of mental health by making it part of our everyday conversation. Founded in late 2017 by Eric Kussin, a professional sports executive who experienced a debilitating mental health crisis. The #SameHere Movement provides proprietary tools and culture-changing, evidence-based programs for schools, offices, military/first responder groups and sports teams/leagues to build open and safe environments. Championing the message that mental health lives on a continuum and everyone is impacted at varying levels, The Movement has gathered celebrities, advocates, practitioners and the world’s leading experts in STARR (Stress & Trauma, Active Release & Rewiring) Exercises to empower individuals to share and build their own mental health routines. A directory of Integrative Practitioners from across the globe is also available for anyone in search of total patient care. Follow #SameHere on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, visit

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