GoFundMe for Military Veterans Mental Health

The Kindbridge Research Institute (KRI) is proud to partner with Callsign 22 to promote a fundraiser to provide free mental health therapy to hundreds of service members and veterans seeking alternative pathways to treatment.

The necessity of this GoFundMe for military veterans mental health speaks for itself. That being said, we want to the public to have access to information resources that convey the critical nature of this fundraiser. Please reference the links below to learn more:

Our nation’s veterans have done their duty and now need your help. Will you join us in doing our civilian duty to them?

How to Support the Callsign 22 / KRI Military Treatment Fund Today


Donate to the GoFundMe Callsign 22 / KRI Military Treatment Fund HERE.


The GoFundMe Callsign 22 / KRI Military Treatment Fund is active as of February 22 2023.


The inaugural fundraiser named “Troop the Line” presents the following challenge:

  1. Reconnect with 22 different service-members. 
  2. Share your experience on social media. 
  3. Donate $22 to the current Callsign 22 charitable initiative.

For more information about this challenge, please visit the GoFundMe page.

About Callsign 22Callsign 22 is a platform dedicated to improving mental wellness for servicemembers and veterans. The organization hosts quarterly challenges that build community and raise money for charities serving veterans.


About KRI: The mission of KRI is to provide state gaming regulators, legislatures, and public health experts with world-class research that will help reduce health inequities for those experiencing gambling disorder in the populations they serve, improve overall health of their citizens, and inform public health policy and gambling legislation. As a part of our mission, we focus on vulnerable populations such as U.S. military veterans. Our Veteran Recovery Fund seeks to establish an assistance subsidy for those individuals without insurance or access to monies to pay for mental health treatment and recovery services. Learn more.