Online Support Groups for Families of Day Trading Addicts

Kindbridge “Groups” are available for families struggling with day trading in the family.

You’re not alone when it comes to this modern addiction, as a wide number of families across the USA are going through the same thing as yours. Our Group courses make this evident, and create a safe, welcoming, and engaging environment where all participants (trading addicts and those impacted by the addiction) can receive the help they need.

Group Objective

Our educational and skill building groups will help family members to understand the impact of problem trading, learn the about the addiction process and process behavior disorders, and learn skills to support recovery in their family while getting support from others challenged by similar family situations.

Trading Addiction Treatment Groups for Families Online

Trading Consequences

Some people find themselves trading to cope with painful or distressing feelings. Trading seems to provide relief or ‘escape.’ However, as more and more time or money is devoted to trading, they may find that the negative consequences of trading only increase anxiety and depression. This can create a vicious cycle of trading to try to relieve pain and stress, the consequences of trading leading to more pain and stress, and then trading more to try to escape or solve the increased pain and stress.


Doug Labelle - Trading Addiction Treatment Groups for Families Online

Doug Labelle

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, National Certified Gambling Counselor II, Certified Employee Assistance Professional

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