Gaming in the Family

Groups are available for families struggling with gaming in the family. 

Gaming Addiction Treatment

When Video Games Stop Being Fun

Video games can send life out of balance if they are not paid attention to in the right ways. Kindbridge is excited to offer 8-week seminars for families to learn skills coming from the most recent research into gaming health to help build harmony in the family and keep games in a successful space. Join Dr. Daniel Kaufmann for these workshops to build your parenting approach, inspire deeper communication, and create tasks that help kids grow in a way that speaks to their learning styles and interests.


Daniel Kaufmann

Daniel’s specialty is working with mental health issues and behavioral addictions. These are things we do that get in the way of our responsibilities and block us from achieving our goals. These could be using video games, the internet, social media, sex, or many others in an unhealthy way. I have dedicated much of my career to researching online video game addiction. My approach incorporates solution-oriented philosophies in a family context, giving you the option to benefit in as many ways as possible. 

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