Gambling in the Family

Groups are available for families struggling with gambling in the family. 

Group Objective

Our educational and skill building groups will help family members to understand the impact of problem gambling, learn the about the addiction process and process behavior disorders, and learn skills to support recovery in their family while getting support from others challenged by similar family situations.


Deborah Haskins

Dr. Deborah Haskins

I have worked in the field of Mental Health Counseling and Education since 1984, specializing in Cultural Competence in Counseling, Wellness in Faith and Spiritual-based Communities, Disordered and Problem Gambling, Homicidal Loss, and Grief and Loss Recovery. My clinical specialty also includes Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Trauma. My very personal mission is to support mental health practitioners in professional development, and equip them with the tools to maintain a high level of competency both in practice and in self-care.

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