Jump Start Programs

30-Day Action Plan to Stop Gaming or Gambling

What is Jump Start?

A selection of action-oriented therapy packages which help you to cut out unhealthy habits in 30 days.

For gamers and gamblers or loved ones affected by a family member behavior.



Jump Start helps you to change what’s not working in your life and to start a recovery journey. Our therapist work with you to develop achievable goals as you take actions to gain control of your life and your wellbeing.



Jump Start gives you support and tools to implement achievable goals and create new healthy boundaries and habits for wellness. We understand the devastating impacts excessive gambling and gaming can have on entire families.

These packages are ideal for those who are interested in therapy but are not sure where to start.

Getting help doesn't have to be hard

Therapy made easy from the comfort of your home:

How Jump Start Works



Start today by being matched with a counselor who specializes in gaming and gambling.



Clarify your situation and any underlying factors that may be contributing to problematic habits.


Action Plan

Develop a 30-day action plan with the help of your counselor to start living a happy and healthy life.

We care about your well-being

At Kindbridge we tailor our programs specifically to your needs.

Select the right plan for you


Work 1on1 with a therapist
$ 295
  • check 3 Sessions
  • check Action Plan
  • check Quick & Easy


Work 1on1 with a therapist
$ 595
  • check 6 Sessions
  • check Action Plan
  • check Plan & Implement


Work 1on1 with a therapist
$ 995
  • check 10 Sessions
  • check Action Plan
  • check Deep dive and transformation

All of our Jump Start plans offer a one time payment system with no hidden or additional costs. 

Jump Start may be covered by your insurance.

Questions? We’re here to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.