Online Support for Families Struggling with Video Game Addiction

Are you worried that your child, partner or other family member has an unhealthy relationship with gaming? The consequences of problematic gaming on sufferers and their loved ones can be challenging, but help is available. Call us today for a free and confidential conversation.

How to talk to a loved one about their gaming habits

If your loved one is preoccupied with gaming even when they are not playing, or constantly planning when they can play next, these tips might help you broach the subject with them:

Video Game Addiction Family Support Therapy Online

Common signs of gaming addiction

If you suspect that someone you care about may be gaming problematically, here are some common warning signs:

Thinking about gaming a lot or all of the time

Being unable to feel happy until they can complete a section of a game or in-game activity

Needing to play for increasing amounts of time to experience the same level of excitement

Lying to friends or family about the amount of time spent playing

Continuing to play despite problems at work or school

Feeling irritable, restless or angry when unable to play

Suffering from physical problems such as headaches, fatigue or carpal tunnel syndrome due to hours spent gaming

Finding it hard to communicate with other people outside a gaming situation

Isolating themselves from others to spend more time gaming

Start the Gaming Disorder screening

Our online gaming disorder screening will help you understand the extent to which gaming is impacting your loved one’s life.

Specialist gaming therapy for your loved one

At Kindbridge, we understand the devastating impact excessive gaming can have on the whole family. Our highly-qualified counseling team has the knowledge and expertise to provide tailored therapy to gamers and their loved ones.

We can help your loved one take back control of their gaming from the comfort of their home. A dedicated counsellor can work with them to change harmful thinking patterns, repair relationships and set goals so they find motivation and purpose to thrive.

Send us a message to get started today.

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How to start

We understand that your loved one may find the idea of therapy daunting, especially if they have never had it before. But with Kindbridge’s specialized approach, they will be guided through treatment and recovery from their first contact with us.



Whether you or your loved one gets in touch initially, we will book a call to discuss what treatment will be best tailored to their needs.



Our intake specialist will match the right therapist, based on your loved one’s requirements and their specialties.



Your loved one begins online therapy sessions – the start of their journey to a healthier relationship with gaming.


Benefits of

Our virtual therapy sessions are popular with clients for the following reasons:


Highly trained and experienced counselors who understand mental health and well-being for gamers and gamblers.


Online treatment, easily accessible from the comfort of your home. Programs tailored to your needs.


Different therapeutic styles, including individual, couples, family and group therapy.

Quality Care

Commitment to treating overall mental health and well-being, not simply the gambling symptoms.

Hear from our clients

Frequently asked questions

Kindbridge can remotely diagnose and treat qualified disorders that may arise from ill mental health, with a strong focus on gaming and gambling addiction, and allow you access to a treatment plan from the comfort of your own home.

We provide the highest quality, HIPAA compliant, virtual technologies for you to connect with qualified therapists in an organized, efficient manner, creating a virtual environment that drives successful outcomes, enabling you to stay balanced and healthy.

Our focus is on gambling and gaming addiction therapy, but we provide support across the whole spectrum of poor mental health.

Our network of therapists cover everything including anxiety, addiction, depression, eating disorders, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), LGBTQ+ issues, and relationships. Joining the Kindbridge network, you’ll always be matched with a dedicated therapist who’s an expert for your particular complaint.

We do our best to create affordable care for everyone reaching out. We have cash pay options, insurance options, and in some cases, state assistance options, depending on where you live. Our list of accepted insurance providers is growing every week and our state by state coverage is expanding at a similar rate so there is a strong possibility that you may be able to use your insurance for treatment very soon, if not already.

For those wishing not to utilize their insurance for any reason, or you’re located in a state that we currently do not provide insurance coverage, the initial consultation is $185 and individual treatment sessions are $150 per/hr. We accept all major credit cards. Talk to your therapist about Group and Family Therapy options.

Yes! Our network relies on licensed therapists to provide the highest-quality therapy service we can possibly provide.

We handselect the very best therapist to provide on-demand services for our patients. While it isn’t necessary, we prefer our therapists to also hold a gambling and/or gaming treatment certificate.

All therapists are either LCSWs (Licensed Clinical Social Workers), LMFTs (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists), or LPCs (Licensed Professional Counselors).

We have a strict no refund policy for appointments cancelled less than 48 hours in advance. Payment is collected at time of booking and will be refunded within 5 to 7 business days assuming you cancel more than 48 hours in advance.

Our list of accepted insurance providers is growing every week and our state by state coverage is expanding at a similar rate so there is a strong possibility that you may be able to use your insurance for treatment very soon, if not already.

We’re here to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.