How has gaming affected your emotions or health?

You may have heard the words: internet gaming disorder, gaming addiction or compulsive gaming. These are some of the words to describe when gaming is negatively affecting your life.

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Anxiety, Depression and Gaming

Research has found that it is common for people who are having problems controlling their video-gaming to also experience anxiety or depression or other problems with their mental or physical health.

Using Games to Cope

For some people, gaming is a way to cope with stressful, negative or painful feelings. Gaming can feel like a relief or an ‘escape’. Some individuals find gaming leaves them feeling more anxious, down or more stressed.

Other individuals experience stressful consequences from their gaming, such as: family conflict or poor school attendance or problems eating or sleeping.

As a result, they try to cut down or quit gaming on their own and find they can’t. This can leave them feeling hopeless, frustrated, guilty.

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